Industrial Water Pumping and Disposal Boise

Our Boise company is well qualified to handle industrial water disposal, whether non-hazardous liquid or semi-liquid wastewater from any location and industry in the state. Please contact us today to better understand what services we can provide for you.

Wastewater Defined

According to Idaho’s Department of Environmental Quality, wastewater is water from households and businesses that contains sufficient harmful material that damages the water’s quality. Because of the presence of harmful material, wastewater can damage the environment, harm wildlife, and contaminate human drinking water. Industrial wastewater is any wastewater that does not come from residential use.

Instead of dumping industrial wastewater into a river or well, or letting it run over the ground, businesses will need to have the water transported to a complex for treatment. Wastewater treatment processes vary depending on the wastewater, but can include:

  • Filtration: material is trapped as it moves through screens or other physical barriers.
  • Flocculation: wastewater is stirred so that particles stick together and are easier to remove.
  • Chemical precipitation of metals: this process caused dissolved chemicals to move out of the solution so that they can be captured.
  • Biological treatment: aerobic microorganisms lead to the breakdown of organic matter.

Wastewater that has received adequate treatment can then be released into the environment since it no longer poses a hazard. The still-dangerous solids are then sent to an appropriate landfill where it can be safely disposed of.

Industries that Produce Wastewater

Most industries produce some wastewater as part of their manufacturing processes. For example, large amounts of wastewater in Idaho are created by:

  • Food industry
  • Mines
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Car washes
  • Mechanics

Regardless of your industry, Master Environmental can satisfy your water pumping and disposal needs.

Types of Wastewater We Pump and Dispose Of

Industrial wastewater cannot be disposed of using traditional septic systems. Therefore, there is a need for safe and effective disposal through other means. At Master Environmental, we have experience handling many different types of wastewaters, whether liquid or semi-liquid, including the following:

  • Organic wastewater
  • Inorganic wastewater
  • Non-hazardous wastewater
  • RCRA wastewater that contains heavy metals
  • RCRA wastewater containing organics
  • Oil and water mixtures
  • Petroleum
  • Cleaning and detergent

We can analyze the water to determine whether it is hazardous and discuss your options with you. Whatever your needs, the industrial water pumping and disposal services offered by Master Environmental are state-of-the-art.

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Industrial water pumping and disposal should be handled by experts with decades of experience in environmental cleanup and disposal. At Master Environmental, we offer around-the-clock service for any environmental cleaning needs, including emergency services if you need immediate assistance. Our team is committed to lowering your costs will maximizing your compliance with government rules and regulations regarding wastewater.

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