Mining is a critical part of the global economy, with many industries relying on the raw materials it provides in order to function, but it can produce a lot of hazardous waste that can significantly damage the environment if not managed properly. In order to ensure this waste is disposed of correctly, many companies now turn to solutions offered by Master Environmental, who provide a range of vacuum truck services, roll-off management, and specialized waste disposal techniques for the mining industry.

The environmental impact of mining operations are routinely subject to intense scrutiny from both local governments and the general public due to the potential for significant damage that could be caused by mishandling and poor management of hazardous materials produced from these activities. To address this, engineers within the industry have developed cutting edge ways of managing this waste, turning what was once considered a major problem into an opportunity for sustainability by employing innovative recycling techniques within their own facilities and operations.


Master Environmental provides an excellent solution to help reduce potential risks posed by improper handling and disposal of contaminated materials generated during mining activities while also allowing these companies to remain competitive. We can assist your engineering team with implementing roll-off management, vacuum truck services, and wastewater disposal.


With the specialized roll-off container/dumpster waste removal services that we offer you can rest assured you’re in qualified hands. we will deliver on our promise of providing superior quality you simply can’t duplicate. Master Environmental is the real-deal.

Our roll-off container/dumpster waste removal services can be used for various projects in Idaho including mining sites. Master Environmental is your first choice when it comes to disposing of waste and other contaminated materials at mining sites and disaster clean-up sites such as fire or water damage.


From regular maintenance to emergency response, planned shut-downs and expansion projects, Master Environmental has the equipment and experience required for mill, load-out, tailings management operations and more.

Our vacuum loaders and hydro excavators can handle traditional wet and dry vac applications and are equipped with a large water supply for excavation operations. Our combination units also allow for quick purging and transition of tasks, allowing our operators to work on daily hydro excavating and line flushing.


Mining wastewater cannot be disposed of using traditional septic systems. Therefore, there is a need for safe and effective disposal through other means. At Master Environmental, we have experience handling many different types of wastewaters.

Whatever your needs, the industrial water pumping and disposal services offered by Master Environmental are state-of-the-art. We can analyze the water to determine whether it is hazardous and discuss your options with you. Our services include the most up to date and regulation analytical testing & waste characterization.

Providing Sustainable Environmental Waste Management to the Pacific Northwest



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Master Environmental
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Christopher Heathman
Christopher Heathman
15:52 22 Nov 22
Reliable with great service. Good communications with manager and staff. Drivers are really good as well. Jumps at opportunity to help out. Really saved the day with recent issues at our mine. Even helped during the holiday. Went above and beyond. My primary service for anything Vac Truck related. Highly recommended!
Andy Weigel
Andy Weigel
15:07 04 Aug 22
Great service. Master went above and beyond to help us make sure we had everything in order for our hazardous waste disposal. They got the job done quickly and efficiently.
Stan Marks
Stan Marks
14:53 18 Jul 22
Couldn't be more pleased with how Travis and crew handled my job. Very accommodating with the specific concerns and time constraints we had.
16:27 07 Apr 22
Nathan brought me clen smells and a clean bathroom! Would highly recommend his services!
Noah Sellers
Noah Sellers
22:08 21 Sep 21
Sean was very nice and easy to contact. Super helpful in pumping out my old heating oil tank and putting me in contact with another company to fill it with foam. Thank you!
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