Waste is a fact of life; it doesn’t have to consume your life. For business owners, this can be easier said than done. Governing bodies have created confusing — albeit, necessary — regulations about how to properly dispose of waste, yet the answer you need isn’t always clear. 

That’s where we come in. For the past 30 years, Master Environmental has been helping businesses dispose of waste safely and legally. It’s fast, easy, and protects your company from any liability. So, don’t risk it. Next time you have hazardous or non-hazardous materials to dispose of, call us and use this step-by-step guide to help you through our process. 

Hazardous Materials Disposal Process

  1. Determine if the Material is Dangerous: Hazardous waste includes any product that threatens the environment, the public’s health, or both. These could include flammable products, toxic substances, fertilizers, and corrosive materials. If it’s not obvious, product packaging, suppliers, and local experts can help you determine if something is hazardous.  
  2. Call Us Immediately: It’s in the name. Hazardous materials will cause hazards. Delaying waste management of these compounds could increase your liability and leave you legally vulnerable. Mitigate this by calling Master Environmental immediately. (We even have emergency services!)
  3. We Find The Best Method: Your phone call sets us into motion. We have experience with a large variety of materials, including those that have seeped into the ground and major cleaning jobs. Our goal is to fully remove the waste from your property without disruption to your job site. We will need your help in determining what kind of disruptions are best, while we take care of the removal process.
  4. Out of Sight For Good: Once the waste is removed, we will dispose of it properly. What this looks like may vary depending on the material. 

Non-Hazardous Materials Disposal Process

  1. Determine if There is Another Use: You could save money by reusing or recycling your discarded materials. Examine your company’s needs before tossing out non-hazardous materials. You could extend the life of these products, and potentially fulfill a need.
  2. Research Local Ordinances: Some non-hazardous waste can be disposed of with your city through regular trash pick-up. Local agencies often have a list of what can be left on the curb or discarded in a dumpster. Create a guide to help you determine what you can hand-off to the sanitation worker and what products need special attention
  3. Call Master Environmental: All materials that cannot be reused or tossed in the dumpster need other proper disposal methods, and Master Environmental can do just that for you. While non-hazardous items don’t always threaten the environment or others, these items can be difficult to remove and can be dangerous to discard without the proper knowledge of the material. Items like technology and medical waste need a professional waste service to ensure all local, state, and federal codes are met. 

Avoid the headache of doing it yourself and lower your risk of legal liability. Let us be the experts in waste removal so you can continue to be the expert in your business. When you hire Master Environmental, you receive more than 30 years of expertise on proper disposal methods and treatment. 

Call Master Environmental at 208-490-8889, and we can give you the disposal method your business needs.


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Master Environmental
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Christopher Heathman
Christopher Heathman
15:52 22 Nov 22
Reliable with great service. Good communications with manager and staff. Drivers are really good as well. Jumps at opportunity to help out. Really saved the day with recent issues at our mine. Even helped during the holiday. Went above and beyond. My primary service for anything Vac Truck related. Highly recommended!
Andy Weigel
Andy Weigel
15:07 04 Aug 22
Great service. Master went above and beyond to help us make sure we had everything in order for our hazardous waste disposal. They got the job done quickly and efficiently.
Stan Marks
Stan Marks
14:53 18 Jul 22
Couldn't be more pleased with how Travis and crew handled my job. Very accommodating with the specific concerns and time constraints we had.
16:27 07 Apr 22
Nathan brought me clen smells and a clean bathroom! Would highly recommend his services!
Noah Sellers
Noah Sellers
22:08 21 Sep 21
Sean was very nice and easy to contact. Super helpful in pumping out my old heating oil tank and putting me in contact with another company to fill it with foam. Thank you!
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